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85+ Stunning Leprechaun Names

In the land of Irish folklore, leprechauns have captured the hearts and imaginations of people around the world. 

With their mischievous charm and love for gold, these mythical creatures have become synonymous with Irish culture. 

If you’ve ever wondered what names these elusive beings go by, you’re in for a treat! 

In this article, we present to you an extensive collection of 250+ captivating leprechaun names that will transport you to a world of magic and wonder.

Cute leprechaun Names

Tubby Tani Rum
Isabel O’Byrne
Gooey Goose
Nessa O’Sheehan
Nuloo Hugito
Róisín MacGorman
Anita Rol Baxter
Aurora Bit O’Neill
Nial Horan
85+ Stunning Leprechaun Names

Evil Leprechaun names

SpruceIt is an energetic name for a leprechaun.
FaunA Roman mythological name for a mischievous leprechaun.
GremlinRefers to naughty creatures.
PuckAn evil leprechaun who will create devastation.
PixieName for a sneaky, evil leprechaun.
LokiThe Norse god who creates evil and deception.
CupidA perfect name for a tricky evil leprechaun.
CapricornA suitable name for a wild and troublesome evil leprechaun.
DamienAn evil leprechaun with a dark nature.
ImpA name that reflects the miniature and naughty nature of leprechauns.
BeelzebubPrince of the devil in Latin.
RascalA playful and nasty leprechaun Rascal is a perfect name.
MephistophelesA devil in Mythology.
HarlequinFor a naughty leprechaun, it means Jester.
LegionAn evil leprechaun with many bad spirits.
BoggartA specter or ghost.
SatanA mischievous leprechaun should be named Satan.
AsmodeusPrince of demons and hells.
LuciferMeaning “Morning Star,” a devilish name.
AzazelThe demon of laziness and negligence in Jewish legends.
BelialEvil spirit.

Good Leprechaun names

Clover O’Malley
Liam O’Lucky
Riley McRainbow
Declan Goldenshoes
Molly O’Magic
Sean McPot o’Gold
Fiona Emerald
Conor O’Jig
Bridget Sparkletoes
Cillian McCharm
Keira Luckycharm
Desmond O’Whiskers
Aoife Gleamshoe
Ronan O’Shimmer
Niamh Tinkertoes
Kieran O’Gleeson
Aisling Twinkletoe
Eamon McTwist

Famous Leprechaun names

LuckyThe mascot of Lucky Charms cereal, known for his catchphrase “They’re magically delicious!”
HornswoggleA wrestler famous for his leprechaun tricks and stunts.
FinneganInspired by the traditional Irish song “Finnegan’s Wake” and its fictional protagonist Tim Finnegan.
LubdanAn evil and murderous character from a horror series.
PaddyPaddy O’Brien, the mischievous leprechaun from the movie “The Luck of the Irish” (2001).
RileyRiley O’Reilly, a leprechaun character from the TV show “Grimm” (2011-2017).
O’Pat and O’MikeTwo characters from the cartoons “Looney Tunes”
DesmondDesmond Doyle, a leprechaun character from the film “Darby O’Gill and the Little People” (1959).
O’SullivanA common Irish surname associated with leprechaun folklore, often portrayed as a family name.
MurphyA popular Irish surname and often used as a leprechaun name, known for its association with Irish heritage.
SeamusSeamus “Shamrock” McSorley, a leprechaun character from the film “The Luck of the Irish” (2001).
O’GradyA reference to leprechaun folklore and the O’Grady clan, known for their connection to Irish mythology.
FitzgeraldA surname associated with Irish nobility, often used as a leprechaun name to convey a sense of elegance and tradition.
FergusFergus Finlay, a leprechaun character from the movie “The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns” (1999).
O’MalleyA famous Irish surname and often used as a leprechaun name, associated with legends and folklore.
O’ConnellA reference to the O’Connell family in leprechaun folklore, known for their encounters with mischievous leprechauns.

Cool Leprechaun names

85+ Stunning Leprechaun Names
Sugar Babe
Panda Bear
Soda Pop
Dancing Madman
Blue Eyes
Sweet Peach
Little Guy
Lord Nikon

Female leprechaun names

NeasaIt is an  Irish name which means “pure” or “divine”.
ShaleighMeans ”fairy princess of the field”.
OrlaithIn Irish, it means Golden queen.
MorriganIt means ”phantom queen”.
MollyMeans “of the sea” or “bitter”.
LeirMeans “Earth, Mud, Clay.”
Fortuna”Good fate” (Latin).
KyanIt means “at distant or far away”.
FionaFiona is a Beautiful name which means “White”
OzzieMeans “deer.”
ErinAn Irish girl’s name means “Ireland, Peace”.
KeevinIt means “ beloved & handsome.”
EmeraldMeans ”green gemstone”.
AdanMeans “small fire or Earth”
CaraAn irish Female name, meaning “Friend”
BradyMeans “one with broad eyes”
Brigid“Irish goddess of fire and poetry”
MaudieMeans “Mighty in Battles”.
KaitlynMeans “gentle.”
SarraIt means “Princess”.
OsborneMeans “Bear God”
Leprechaun Name

Dirty Leprechaun names

FilthmongerA leprechaun who revels in filth and dirt.
GrimegrinA leprechaun with a mischievous smile, often associated with dirtiness.
MuckmiserA leprechaun who collects and values all things dirty.
SoilsoakerA leprechaun who loves to soak in the earth and embrace its dirtiness.
GrotgobblerA leprechaun known for swallowing up dirt and filth.
SludgepickerA leprechaun who excels at finding and picking through slimy and dirty substances.
MudmuncherA leprechaun with a greedy appetite for mud and muck.
DustdevilA leprechaun who spins and dances in dusty environments.
StainthiefA leprechaun who specializes in stealing and collecting stains.
CrudcollectorA leprechaun who collects various forms of dirt and grime.
GrimygrasperA leprechaun known for always having dirty hands.
RustwranglerA leprechaun skilled in handling and taming rusty things.
MoldmasterA leprechaun who commands and controls the growth of mould and mildew.
SlushslurperA leprechaun who happily slurps up slush and dirty water.

Funny Leprechaun names

Bree(Liquid substance)
Baloobas(Stupid, Clumsy)
Connall(Strong Wolf)
Big Nose

Naughty Leprechaun names

Finn McTrouble
Seamus O’Mischief
Paddy O’Pranks
Liam McRascal
Declan O’Sneaky
Rory McMischievous
Sean O’Trickster
Conall McHavoc
Cillian O’Mischief
Killian McJester
Aidan O’Naughty
Eamon McSchemer
Cormac O’Joker
Fergus McRogue
Niall O’Trouble

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