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85+ cute Seal Names

Welcome to the exciting world of seal naming! 

Seals are adorable, playful creatures that capture our hearts with their lovable personalities and soulful eyes. 

If you love the ocean and seals or want a unique name for your new cute friend, we have you covered.

This article will present you with cute seal names.”

Stay with us to find all cute seal pet’s unique and outstanding names.

Good Seal names

GhostSeals have a remarkable ability to vanish into their surroundings.
Blackbearda famous pirate name.
EarlA rank of nobility in the United Kingdom
BaikalIn the Mongolian language, it means “nature.”
BacchusThe Greek god of fertility, God of vine and pleasure
Aquarius A Latin word meaning “Water”
SeraphinaDerived from the Hebrew meaning “fiery ones.”
OceanusInspired by the Titan of the Sea in Greek mythology.
LunaDerived from the Latin word for “moon,”
AvalonNamed after the legendary island of Arthurian folklore
AegisThis name originates from Greek mythology, symbolizing protection, strength, and guardianship.
ZephyrMeaning “gentle breeze” in Greek
SolsticeRepresents the seal’s harmonious balance between light and dark.
OrionThis name conveys the seal’s natural ability to navigate the seas precisely.

cute Baby Seal Names 

Seal Names
Hug Ems’This name is perfect for giving you a cute baby seal hug.
BlubberIt is a perfect name for a baby seal because of its fluffy and bubbly body.
ChibiIn Japanese, it refers to “small” or dwarfism.
SnowyThis name suits a seal pup with a snowy coat
YodaA popular character from the Star Wars franchise
SleepyheadA pup who loves sunbathing on land.
PupA baby seal.
Squishy“Soft & Moist”

Funny Seal names

  • Token
  • Megan
  • Captain
  • Luke
  • Sushi 
  • Monkey
  • Kotick
  • Sampson
  • Zippy 
  • Patch
  • Gerald
  • Lupe
  • Sammy
  • Slipy 
  • Sole
  • Sarah
  • Manu
  • Krill 
  • Logan
  • Chatham
  • Sailor 
  • Virginia
  • Soso

Cool Seal Names 

Names Meanings
Bond Inspired by James Bond
Admiral The highest rank in navy
DominoMeans “lord” in Latin
SlickSeal skin often feels slick due to being wet
LeoPerfect  for sea lions

Female Seal Names 

Seal Names
AliceMeaning “noble” is a lovely name.
FlynnMeaning “descendant of Flann.”
FloraSignifying “flower” is a beautiful name.
FelisA Latin word, meaning Cat, it also has a meaning”lucky.”
ArrowReferring to the weapon.
Esmeralda“A gemstone name.’
AstroIt means “star.”
EmilyMeaning “rival.”
AuroraMeaning “dawn” is an enchanting seal name.
BlurbA seal with a large belly.
DoreaA mother’s seal name.
CocoA cute name for female seals.
ChippyMeaning “love” is a sweet name.

Harp seal Names 

Seal Names
  • Willow
  • Milo
  • Stella
  • Oliver
  • Nala
  • Caspian
  • Poppy
  • Finn
  • Hudson
  • Lily

Cute Names for a Seal

HedwynIf you look a little closely at a seal, you will notice that it has a smiley face.
SmileyAs a seal’s face resembles a dog so you can also give it the name as a bulldog.
CesealAs a seal’s face resembles a dog so you can also give it the name of a bulldog.
BulldogSeals have the ability to sniff their prey from afar, so it is a good name.
SnoofyAs a seal’s face resembles a dog so you can also give it the name of a bulldog.
FrolicA word that means to play cheerfully.

Famous Seal Names 

KotickIt was a white seal from a short story The White Seal.
Stanley the SealA famous character in Seashell Shore in Spyro
Lou SealA famous baseball team of the San Francisco Giants.
RobbyA seal character from The Little Polar Bear.
Snappy the SealAnother  Seal character in Seashell Shore and Sunrise Spring realms in Spyro.
Sebastian the SealAnother seal named Sebastian in Seashell Shore in Spyro.

Names that mean seal 

Rohnan (Celtic)

Natsiq (Inuit)

Phocas (Ancient Greek)

Ronen (Old Irish)

Palluqtuq (Inuit)

Qillaq (Indigenous American)

Rona (Hebrew)

Nuniq (Inuit)

Ron  (Irish)

Foka (Russian)

Ronat  (Irish)

Seal names at Seaworld

AquaThis name means “water” in Latin.
SplashThis name reflects seals’ playful and energetic nature.
BubblesSeals are known for creating bubbles underwater as they swim and play.
PebbleSeals often rest on rocky shores and use pebbles to create nests or play with them.
FlipperInspired by the seals’ unique flippers, this name highlights their ability to swim.
SandyThis name refers to the sandy beaches where seals often reside in the sun.
TidalRepresenting the powerful and rhythmic nature of the ocean tides.
CoralThis name honors their diverse marine ecosystem and the delicate coral formations they may encounter.

Cartoon seal Names 

Names Meanings
ChipA white male seal from ‘Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater’.
StefanoA comical character from “Madagascar 3.”
FlukeName of a mammal from the movie ‘Finding Dory’.
SophyA seal name in the movie ‘Dr. Dolittle’.
Gerald Another name from ‘Finding Dory’.
HunterHunter was the name of an animal from an outstanding animated movie ‘Penguins Of Madagascar’.
Skaeg A character from a comic series ‘Rasmus Klump’.
RudderIt was  a character from the famous animated movie ‘Finding Dory’.

Gray Seal names 

Seal Names
GraphiteIt is an element of carbon that Used to make pencils.
OnyxA grayish-silver metal is used to make utensils.
FlintA grayish rock that is commonly used to spark the flame.
SlateIt is a fine-grained, bluish-gray type of stone.
PewterA grayish-silver metal used to make utensils.

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