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60 + Great Sloth Names

Sloths, with their slow and leisurely lifestyle, have captured the hearts of animal lovers around the world. 

These adorable creatures, known for their gentle nature and seemingly permanent smiles, have become increasingly popular as pets, mascots, and even online sensations. 

If you have a sloth or are a lover of these fascinating mammals, you’ll need a good name for it. 

In this article, we will provide you with a list of sloth names according to their characteristics. 

Facts about Sloth

While sloths are adorable creatures, they are not typically given personal names like humans. 

However, there are various sloth species with different common names, such as three-toed, two-toed, or baby sloths. 

Sloths have scientific names For example, the name for the brown-throated three-toed sloth is Bradypus variegatus.

There is also a myth you may have heard about them, that they sleep all day. But actually, this is just a myth, sloths sleep only 8 to 10 hours a day. The title of a whole-day sleeper only goes to koalas. They sleep about 22 hours a day.

 Cute Sloth Names 

best sloth names
CocoDerived from the Spanish word for “coconut,” symbolizing the sloth’s relaxed and tropical nature.
WillowA graceful and gentle name that represents the sloth’s peaceful demeanor.
OliverMeaning “olive tree,” signifying wisdom and tranquility.
PeanutA cute and playful name that reflects the sloth’s small size and endearing characteristics.
BentleyA sophisticated and charming name that showcases the sloth’s elegant movements.
MiloMeaning “calm” or “peaceful,” reflecting the sloth’s laid-back and relaxed nature.
GizmoA quirky and adorable name that captures the sloth’s unique and lovable personality.
CharlieA friendly and approachable name that reflects the sloth’s amiable and gentle nature.
RockySymbolizing strength and resilience, this name portrays the sloth’s ability to adapt to its surroundings.
NoodleA playful and amusing name that showcases the sloth’s flexible and elongated body.

female sloth names

Sloth Names
Names Meanings
HazelDerived from the hazel tree, symbolizing wisdom and serenity.
BellaMeaning “beautiful,” representing the sloth’s captivating and charming presence.
IvySymbolizing resilience and determination, like the climbing plant.
StellaMeaning “star,” reflecting a shining and unique personality.
PennySignifying good luck and prosperity, inspired by the coin.
RubyReflecting passion and energy, inspired by the precious gemstone.
Mabel Derived from the Latin word “amabilis,” meaning “lovable” or “kind.”
BlossomEvoking images of new beginnings and growth, like a blooming flower.
DaisyA sweet and innocent name that represents the sloth’s delicate and endearing qualities.
AsizaA beautiful african region female sloth name, which means “forest spirit”
FernSignifying resilience and adaptability, like the plant that thrives in various environments
PoppyA cheerful and vibrant name that represents the sloth’s bright and colorful appearance.
CeliaCelia is a Latin origin name which means “heavenly” g good female sloth name.
SylvanaA good choice for female sloth name, it means “from the forest” suits on female sloth.

Male sloth names 

Sloth Names
TranquilRepresents the calm and relaxed nature of sloths.
MellowReflects the laid-back and easygoing personality of sloths.
ChillEmphasizes the sloth’s cool and unhurried demeanor.
ZenSymbolizes the peaceful and serene nature of sloths.
Nimbus Inspired by the slow-moving clouds, representing the sloth’s leisurely pace.
SnoozeHighlights the sloth’s love for napping and resting.
FuzzyDescribes the sloth’s soft and fluffy appearance.
Rio It means “river” sloths are good swimmers so Rio is a perfect name for them.
Sage Signifies the wisdom and patience associated with sloths.
DreamerRepresents the sloth’s tendency to spend a lot of time in dreamy states.
Breezy Represents the relaxed and effortless movements of sloths.
CasperInspired by the friendly ghost, symbolizing the gentle and ghostly presence of sloths.
SnugglesRepresents the sloth’s love for cozy and cuddly moments.
HushEmphasizes the sloth’s quiet and peaceful demeanor.
PokeyDerived from “poke” to depict the slow and deliberate movements of sloths.

Funny sloth names 

SlumberjackA clever play on the word “lumberjack” that highlights the sloth’s affinity for sleep and relaxation.
FuzzbertThis name combines “fuzz” and “Sherbert,” reflecting the sloth’s soft, furry coat and its laid-back nature.
Snail MailA humorous name that pokes fun at the sloth’s slow-moving nature, comparing it to the pace of traditional mail delivery.
YawnaldoA combination of “yawn” and the famous footballer “Ronaldo,” emphasizing the sloth’s penchant for long and frequent naps.
DoodlebugThis name suggests the sloth’s leisurely approach to life, as if it were doodling or taking its time with everything it does.
Chilla GorillaA playful mashup of “chill” and “gorilla,” highlighting the sloth’s relaxed demeanor and its physical resemblance to a gorilla.
DozequielA pun on the name “Ezekiel” and the word “doze,” capturing the sloth’s inclination for prolonged periods of sleep.
LentoDerived from the Italian word for “slow,” this name perfectly describes the sloth’s unhurried movement and overall demeanor.
NapperoniA lighthearted name that combines “nap” and the popular Italian dish “pepperoni,” portraying the sloth’s love for rest and relaxation.
LazloA name that directly translates to “lazy” in several Slavic languages, humorously reflecting the sloth’s laid-back lifestyle.
SlackerThis name speaks to the sloth’s reputation for being a bit lazy and unmotivated, though in an endearing and amusing way.
Drowsilla A fusion of “drowsy” and the name “Priscilla,” this name evokes the sloth’s perpetual state of drowsiness.
Snooze faceAn adorable and funny name that playfully describes the sloth’s sleepy expression and love for snoozing
Noodle PawsThis name draws attention to the sloth’s long and flexible limbs, comparing them to the noodles we commonly find in dishes.
SlumbertoesCombining “slumber” and “toes,” this name highlights the sloth’s tendency to sleep a lot and its characteristic slow movements.

Stuffed sloth names 

Cuddles Reflects the sloth’s love for snuggling and warm embraces.
Bliss Captures the sloth’s content and serene demeanor.
Pippin Means “little one” in Old English, fitting for a small sloth plush.
Lulu A cute and playful name that adds a touch of whimsy to your sloth plush.
Swoosh Refers to the sloth’s slow and graceful movements.
Poppy A lively and vibrant name that contrasts with the sloth’s laid-back nature.
Sunny Symbolizes the sloth’s cheerful disposition and brightens up any room.
Fuzzy Describes the soft and fuzzy texture of the sloth plush.
Snickerdoodle A sweet and endearing name that captures the sloth’s charm.
Snugglesworth Emphasizes the sloth’s cuddly and huggable qualities.
Giggles Evokes the sloth’s ability to bring joy and laughter.
Floof Emphasizes the sloth’s fluffy and adorable appearance.

Unique sloth names

FleurMeaning “flower” in French, this name showcases the sloth’s gentle and serene qualities, reminiscent of a blossoming flower.
TumbleSloths move at a slow pace and tend to tumble around in a rather endearing manner, making this name a playful choice.
HarmonySloths embody harmony with their calm and peaceful disposition, which makes this name a perfect match.
CozySloths spend most of their time curled up in trees, creating a cozy and comfortable environment for themselves.
CyrusIt refers to the “Light”, sparkling or shining in the broad eyes of a sloth.

zootopia sloth name

In the movie Zootopia, there is one prominent sloth character named Flash Slothmore who works at the Department of Mammal Vehicles (DMV).

Three-toed sloth names

Canela This name means “cinnamon” in Spanish, referring to the sloth’s brownish color, reminiscent of cinnamon.
Titchthe meaning of this word is “small” a good and unique for a tiny sloth.
Truño Derived from the Spanish word “tronco,” which means “log” or “tree trunk,” reflecting the sloth’s affinity for spending most of its time hanging from trees.
ElfThey are cute creatures. You can also call them dwarf.  This word relates to sloths because of their big eyes, their overloaded cuteness and laziness.
Amble Derived from the word “amble,” which means to walk or move slowly and leisurely, reflecting the sloth’s characteristic slow-motion demeanor.
Zephyr Meaning “gentle breeze” in Greek, this name symbolizes the sloth’s relaxed and tranquil nature as it hangs in the treetops.
Sereno Derived from the Spanish word “sereno,” which means “serene” or “calm,” capturing the essence of the sloth’s unhurried and composed demeanor.
Snuggle This name reflects the sloth’s endearing and cuddly appearance, reminding us of their relaxed and lovable nature.
Drowsy As sloths are known for their slow movements and tendency to nap for long periods, this name represents their perpetual state of drowsiness.

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