Cool Scorpion Names

40+ Cool Scorpion Names

Scorpions have long fascinated humans with their mysterious and dreadful nature. 

From their menacing appearance to their poisonous sting, these creatures have a reputation for being dangerous. 

But what if we told you that scorpions could also have cool and captivating names? 

This article explores scorpions and their coolest names, which highlight their unique traits. 

Here we go!

keeping scorpions as pets

Scorpions are fascinating creatures, but they are not typically recommended as pets for the average person. 

Most scorpions have poison, and while the strength of their poison differs it can sometimes be dangerous or even kill people. 

Scorpions have two pedipalps, a segmented body, and a long, curved tail containing a poisonous stinger. They have eight legs and an exoskeleton.

They grip and sting their victim with their pincers. Their food includes, insects, spiders, and other tiny invertebrates.

Emperor scorpion names 

Cool Scorpion Names
NeroAfter the Roman Emperor Nero.
AshokaAshoka the Great was an Indian emperor.
ShadowIt Reflects the scorpion’s dark and elusive nature.
ThorNamed after the Norse god of thunder and strength.
AugustusCaesar Augustus, the first Roman emperor, inspires this name.
VenomHighlighting the scorpion’s potent sting.
BasilIt means “royal”.
ZephyrMeaning “west wind” in Greek, emphasizing the scorpion’s swift movements.
CaesarAfter the Roman emperor Julius Caesar.
Obsidian Inspired by the scorpion’s black, shiny exoskeleton.
BlazeDenoting the scorpion’s fiery temperament.
CleopatraAn ancient queen of Egypt.
SpikeDescribing the scorpion’s sharp and pointed stinger.
MusaThe name of an ancient ruler of Mali.
ValkyrieAfter the mythical female figures who choose the slain warriors, symbolizing the scorpion’s deadly nature.
NapoleonAfter the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.
SaberSignifying the scorpion’s sharp and dangerous pincers.
NeroInspired by the Roman emperor Nero.

Male scorpion names 

Cool Scorpion Names
ScorpiusThis name is inspired by the constellation Scorpius, symbolizing the scorpion in Greek mythology.
StingSymbolizing the scorpion’s primary defense mode, this name represents its potent and sharp stinger.
ZephyrDerived from the Greek word for “west wind,” this name indicates the scorpion’s swift movements and skill.
TitanA name suggesting the scorpion’s strength, power, and superiority in its habitat.
CindersA name inspired by the scorpion’s fiery appearance and connection with desert environments.
MidnightSymbolizing the scorpion’s active nighttime behavior and relationship with darkness.
OnyxDerived from the gemstone, this name represents the scorpion’s sleek and dark appearance.
SolsticeThis name signifies the scorpion’s link with the changing seasons.
ApolloNamed after the Greek god of light and sun, this name refers to the scorpion’s relationship with warmth and light.
EclipseSymbolizing the scorpion’s mysterious nature.
AresNamed after the Greek god of war, this name indicates the scorpion’s aggressive nature.

Female scorpion names 

Cool Scorpion Names
Seraphina“Fiery-winged” or “Burning one.”
NyxGreek goddess of the night
VespaLatin for “wasp”
Xena“Warrior princess”
LunaLatin for “moon.”
VixenFemale fox is known for its cunning nature
SeleneGreek goddess of the moon
MystiqueEnigmatic or mysterious
NalaSwahili for “beloved” or “successful.”
katanaIt is another awesome name for a female scorpion it means “A type of Sword”
RosieIt symbolizes the beauty of a rose, a beautiful name for a pet female scorpion.
ZaharaArabic for “shining” or “bright”
SaffronValuable spice known for its rich colour.
AmaraLatin for “eternal” or “immortal.”
VesperaLatin for “evening” or “dusk.”
Calypso Greek mythological nymph of captivating beauty
AzulaSpanish for “blue” or “sky blue.”
MedusaGreek mythological creature with snakes for hair
ZephyraGreek for “west wind” or “gentle breeze.”
ArtemisThe goddess of wild animals and hunting in Greek mythology.
AthenaThe goddess of war in Greek mythology.
DaliThe goddess of hunting in Georgian mythology.
KalahariIt means “great thirst”. A desert in Africa.
Mystique“Air of mystery” (French)
SaharaThe largest desert in the world.
SphinxA mythical beast in Egyptian and Greek mythology.
ValerieA Latin name that means “fierce”.

funny scorpion names

ClawingtonA dignified name for a scorpion, playing on the idea of it having a sophisticated personality.
Pinchy McPinchfaceA silly name, highlighting the scorpion’s pinching claws.
ScuttlebuttA humorous name, suggesting that the scorpion loves to gossip and spread rumors.
Dr. Stings-a-Lot A comical name, giving the scorpion a playful persona as a sting expert.
SnapsterA witty name, indicating the scorpion’s knack for snapping its claws.
Salsa VerdeA spicy and funny name, alluding to the scorpion’s venomous nature.
Captain ClawsomeA fun and adventurous name, portraying the scorpion as a courageous sea captain.
TicklesAn ironic name, as scorpions are known for their painful stings rather than tickling.
Mr. PincersA straightforward and amusing name, focusing on the scorpion’s pincers.
ScorpzillaA pun on Godzilla, suggesting that the scorpion is a giant and formidable creature.
ClawdiaA pun on the name Claudia, emphasizing the scorpion’s powerful claws.

Choose names for a pet scorpion 

Choosing a name for your pet scorpion is a little interesting. Just think about your pet characteristics and decide a name that fits it. Like, How about “Venom”? It’s a fitting name for a pet scorpion, emphasizing its unique and potentially dangerous qualities.

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