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40+ Bichon Frise Names

Choosing a name for your new Bichon Frise puppy is exciting and important. 

The right name can reflect your furry friend’s personality and breed characteristics. 

With their playful nature, fluffy white coats, and charming personalities, they deserve a name that captures their unique qualities.

In this article, We will help you choose the finest name for your Bichon Frise.

So, let’s dive into the world of bichon frise names.

Choosing a name for a Bichon Frise

Choosing a name for your new bichon frise is the first step in making it feel like a family member.  

Always choose a name that fits your pet’s personality, a loveable name that is easy to pronounce and remember.

Female bichon frise names 

Bellaafter the Italian word for “beautiful”
Daisyafter the flower
Gigiafter the French nickname for “Georgina”
Luluafter the nickname for “Louise”
Maisieafter the Scottish nickname for “Margaret”
Mollyafter the nickname for “Mary”
Rosieafter the flower
Sophieafter the Greek name for “wisdom”
Stellaafter the Latin word for “star”
Tillyafter the nickname for “Matilda”
Zoeyafter the Greek name for “life”.
Alba“White” (Latin)
Yuki“Snow” (Japanese)
Bambi“Little child” (Italian)
Elsa“Pledged to God” (German origin)
Bella“Beautiful” (Italian)
Camille“The priest’s helper” (French)
Bijou“Jewel” (French)

Male bichon frise names 

Bichon Frise Names
Alfieafter the nickname for “Alfred”
Archieafter the nickname for “Archibald”
Baxterafter the English surname meaning “baker”
Benjiafter the nickname for “Benjamin”
Charlieafter the nickname for “Charles”
Cooperafter the English occupational name for “barrel maker”
Gilbert“Bright promise” (French and German origin)
Hugo“Mind, intellect” (Germanic)
Marcel“Little warrior” (French)
Riccio“Curly” (Italian)
Louis“Famous warrior” (French)
Maxafter the nickname for “Maxwell”
Oscarafter the Irish name meaning “deer friend”
Rustyafter the nickname for “Russell”
Teddyafter the nickname for “Edward”
Tobyafter the nickname for “Tobias”
Winstonafter the English name meaning “joy stone”.

Best bichon frise names 

Angelafter the heavenly being
Finnafter the Irish name meaning “fair”
Gino“Farmer” (Italian)
Jasperafter the Persian name meaning “treasurer”
Leoafter the Latin name meaning “lion”
Luluafter the nickname for “Louise”
Lunaafter the Latin word for “moon”
Maisieafter the Scottish nickname for “Margaret”
Miloafter the German name meaning “mild”
Rosieafter the flower
Sadieafter the Hebrew name for “princess”

Cute bichon frise names 

Bichon Frise Names
Baileyafter the Irish surname meaning “bailiff”
Bennyafter the nickname for “Benjamin”
Betsyafter the nickname for “Elizabeth”
Cocoafter the French word for “chocolate”
Gizmoafter the nickname for “gadget”
Gracieafter the nickname for “Grace”
Lennyafter the nickname for “Leonard”
Lilaafter the Persian word for “purple”
Lolaafter the Spanish nickname for “Dolores”
Louie after the nickname for “Louis”
Lucyafter the Latin name meaning “light”
Ollieafter the nickname for “Oliver”

Which bichon frise name is your favorite?

We hope you will finally find a name for your pet bichon frise dog. So let us know what name you chose to call them in the below section. We will be pleased to know your thoughts and name selections.

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