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120+ Best Pet Hedgehog Names

There are so many great hedgehog names to choose from that it can be hard to choose just one.

We’ve made a list of good names for your prickly pet to help you decide.

We have cute and funny hedgehog names, as well as names that come from Disney movies and books.

When you’ve found your favorite, remember to let us know in the comments at the end!

So, Let’s Start!

How to Pick the hedgehog name

Choosing a name for your hedgehog can be a fun and creative process.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect name for your new hedgehog friend:

Personality traits: 

Spend some time getting to know your hedgehog’s personality. Are they playful, or are they more reserved and shy? Are they energetic or calm? Use their personality traits as inspiration for their name.

Consider their species: 

Different species of hedgehogs have unique characteristics. If you know the specific species of your hedgehog, you can choose a name that reflects their origins.

Unique or funny names: 

If you want something more unique or lighthearted, you can get creative with your hedgehog’s name. Consider wordplay, puns, or combining words to create a fun name for your hedgehog’s personality. 

Ask for suggestions: 

If you’re struggling with a name, ask your friends, family, or even online communities for suggestions. Sometimes, an outsider’s perspective can spark great ideas.

Take your time, be creative, and have fun with the naming process.

Best hedgehog names

Best Hedgehog Names

Certainly! Here are some best hedgehog names with meanings:

SpikeA classic hedgehog name that reflects their spiky quills.
HazelThis name represents the hazel color often found in hedgehog fur.
PricklePrickle is a playful name that captures the hedgehog’s quills and prickly nature.
PepperSuitable for a hedgehog with pepper-like speckles or a lively personality.
QuilliamA combination of “quill” and “William,” a unique and charming name for your hedgehog.
LunaA name associated with the moon, symbolizing the nocturnal nature of hedgehogs.
BrambleInspired by the thorny bushes, hedgehogs often navigate through.
GizmoPerfect for a curious hedgehog who loves exploring.
OliveA cute name that reflects the color of some hedgehogs’ spines.
PippinPippin is a playful and energetic name for an active and lively hedgehog.
BiscuitFor a hedgehog with warm brown coloring, resembling a tasty treat.
SonicA nod to the famous video game character, representing speed and agility.
PoppyPoppy is a name associated with vibrant colors, reflecting a cheerful hedgehog.
GizelleMeaning “pledge” or “oath,” it can symbolise the bond between you and your hedgehog.
QuincyA name that signifies intelligence and wisdom, great for a clever and curious hedgehog.

Remember, the meanings of names can vary, and what matters most is finding a name that resonates with you and your hedgehog’s unique personality.

Female hedgehog names

Best Hedgehog Names

Certainly! Here are some female hedgehog names:


These names are feminine and can suit the endearing nature of female hedgehogs. Feel free to choose the name that resonates the most with you and your hedgehog’s personality!

Male hedgehog names

Best Hedgehog Names

Certainly! Here are some male hedgehog names with meanings:

ArchieA name that means “genuine” or “bold,” perfect for a spirited and adventurous hedgehog.
CharlieDerived from the name Charles, it means “free man” and can be fitting for an independent hedgehog.
FinnMeaning “fair” or “white,” it can be a great name for a hedgehog with light-colored spines.
JasperA name associated with the gemstone, symbolizing strength and protection.
MiloDerived from the Old Germanic word “mild,” meaning “gentle” or “kind-hearted,” a proper name for a sweet and calm hedgehog.
OscarMeaning “champion” or “divine spear,” it can represent hedgehogs’ feisty and spirited nature.
RockyInspired by the strength and resilience of rocks, it’s a great name for a hedgehog with a tough exterior.
RustySuitable for a hedgehog with reddish or rusty-colored spines.
TeddyA name that evokes warmth and comfort, ideal for a cuddly and lovable hedgehog.
WinstonMeaning “joyful stone,” it can reflect a hedgehog’s cheerful and playful personality.
MaxShort for Maximus, meaning “greatest” or “the best,” perfect for a hedgehog you consider extraordinary.
OliverDerived from the Latin word “oliva,” meaning “olive tree,” it can symbolise peace and wisdom.
FelixA name that signifies “luck” or “fortune,” suitable for a hedgehog that brings joy into your life.
LeoDerived from the Latin word “leo,” meaning “lion,” representing courage and strength.
BaxterMeaning “baker” or “one who bakes,” it can be a unique and charming name for your hedgehog.

Remember, the meaning of a name can vary, and what matters most is choosing a name that resonates with you and suits your hedgehog’s personality.

Popular hedgehog names

Certainly! Here are some popular hedgehog names with meanings:

SonicInspired by the famous video game character known for his speed and agility.
ShadowA name that represents mystery and darkness, often associated with the darker color variations of hedgehogs.
SpikeReflecting the spiky quills that hedgehogs have for self-defense.
HazelA name associated with the hazel color often found in hedgehog fur.
RosieA cute and playful name for a lovable hedgehog.
PricklesA name that directly references the hedgehog’s prickly quills.
PeanutA sweet and small name, perfect for a little hedgehog.
BiscuitInspired by the warm brown coloring of some hedgehogs, resembling a tasty treat.
HoneyA name that represents the sweet nature of hedgehogs.
NuggetA playful and endearing name for a small and adorable hedgehog.
PoppyReflecting bright and vibrant colors, symbolizing cheerfulness.
GizmoPerfect for a curious hedgehog who loves exploring.
BellaMeaning “beautiful” in Italian, a name that reflects the charm of your hedgehog.
OliverA popular name that represents friendliness and intelligence.
LunaInspired by the moon, symbolising the nocturnal nature of hedgehogs.

Remember, popular names can vary over time, but these names have been commonly chosen for hedgehogs.

Cartoon hedgehog names

Best Hedgehog Names

Certainly! Here are some cartoon hedgehog names:

SonicThe iconic blue hedgehog from the “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.
ShadowA dark and mysterious hedgehog character from the “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.
AmyA cheerful and determined pink hedgehog from the “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.
SilverA time-traveling hedgehog from the “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.
KnucklesA tough and powerful red echidna with hedgehog-like spines from the “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.
TailsA friendly fox with two tails who is a close ally of Sonic in the “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.
BlazeA princess and guardian of the Sol Emeralds in the “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.
JetThe leader of the Babylon Rogues and a rival to Sonic in the “Sonic Riders” series.
SpeedyA speedy and adventurous hedgehog from the “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” TV show.
SnickeyA mischievous hedgehog character from the cartoon series “Grossology.”
Snidely WhiplashA villainous and sneaky hedgehog character from the “Dudley Do-Right” cartoons.
Harold the HedgehogA kind-hearted hedgehog character from the animated series “Babar.”
Hank the HedgehogA friendly hedgehog character from the animated series “Animaniacs.”
HogathaA wicked witch who often takes the form of a hedgehog in the animated series “The Smurfs.”
Hodge PodgeA misfit hedgehog character from the cartoon series “The Busy World of Richard Scarry.”

Disney hedgehog names

While Disney may not have many prominent hedgehog characters, there are a few instances where hedgehogs make appearances. 

Here are a couple of Disney hedgehog names:

Miss Bianca:

A brave and kind-hearted Hungarian mouse who teams up with Bernard in the movie “The Rescuers.” In the film, they encounter a friendly hedgehog named Evinrude.


In the Disney film “Bambi,” Ronno is a rival deer who encounters a hedgehog while chasing Bambi. Although the hedgehog doesn’t have an official name in the movie, it’s a notable hedgehog character.

It’s worth noting that while hedgehogs may not be the main focus in Disney movies, they occasionally make memorable appearances. These are a couple of instances where hedgehogs have played a part in Disney films.

sonic hedgehog characters names

Certainly! Sonic the Hedgehog is a popular video game franchise that features several hedgehog characters. Here are some notable hedgehog names from the Sonic the Hedgehog series:

SonicThe main protagonist and the fastest Hedgehog in the series. He has blue fur and can run at super speeds.
ShadowA dark and mysterious hedgehog with a black and red coloration. He possesses similar abilities to Sonic and has appeared as both a rival and ally.
SilverA time-travelling hedgehog from the future who has telekinetic powers. He is often portrayed as a friend and ally to Sonic.
Metal SonicA robotic hedgehog created by Dr. Eggman to rival Sonic’s abilities. He has a metallic appearance and is one of Sonic’s most persistent adversaries.
Amy RoseShe wields a large hammer and is often portrayed as an energetic and determined character.
Blaze the CatA princess from an alternate dimension with pyrokinetic abilities. She is a friend and ally to Sonic and has a calm and reserved personality.
TailsWhile Tails is not a hedgehog, he is a fox with two tails and Sonic’s close ally and friend. He is known for his ability to fly using his tails.

Each character has unique abilities and traits, adding to the dynamic and adventurous world of the games.

Clever hedgehog names

Best Hedgehog Names

If you’re looking for clever hedgehog names that play on words or incorporate clever references, here are some suggestions:

Sherlock SpinesA clever nod to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, combining the hedgehog’s spines with Holmes’ sharp wit.
PicklesworthA combination of “prickles” and the traditional British surname ending “-worth,” giving a sophisticated twist to the hedgehog’s spiky nature.
Quilliam ShakespeareA play on the name “William Shakespeare,” highlighting the hedgehog’s quills and adding a literary touch.
HoudiniReferencing the famous magician Harry Houdini, symbolizing the hedgehog’s ability to escape or disappear into its protective ball.
HedgewitchA combination of “hedge” and “wit,” signifying the cleverness and intelligence of your hedgehog.
Echidna JonesA clever reference to the adventurous archaeologist Indiana Jones, substituting “echidna” to emphasise the hedgehog’s species.
Spike TeslaBlending the hedgehog’s spiky appearance with the renowned inventor Nikola Tesla, representing intelligence and innovation.
QuillverineCombining “quill” with the popular mutant character Wolverine, infusing a touch of fierceness and strength.
EinstienquillA witty mashup of “Einstein” and “quill,” highlighting the hedgehog’s intellect and spiky exterior.
HedgeOwlA clever combination of “hedge” and “owl,” symbolizing wisdom and intelligence.

Remember, clever names can be subjective, and choosing a name that resonates with you and your hedgehog’s personality is important. 

Cute hedgehog names

If you’re looking for cute hedgehog names, here are some adorable suggestions:


These names have a charming and sweet vibe that can perfectly suit your cute hedgehog. 

Albino hedgehog names

Best Hedgehog Names

When choosing a name for an albino hedgehog, consider names that reflect their unique appearance or evoke a sense of beauty.

Here are some suggestions for albino hedgehog names:


These names capture the delicate and ethereal beauty often associated with albino animals. Remember to choose a name that resonates with you and your hedgehog’s personality.

Cool hedgehog names

Certainly! Here are some cool hedgehog names with meanings:

BlazeRepresenting fire and intensity, this name is suitable for a hedgehog with a fiery personality or vibrant coloring.
JetSignifying speed and agility, it’s a cool name for a hedgehog known for its quick movements.
ThorInspired by the powerful Norse god of thunder, this name reflects strength and might.
NeoMeaning “new” or “revolutionary,” it can symbolize a hedgehog that stands out from the rest.
ZephyrRepresenting a gentle breeze, it can be a cool and calming name for a laid-back hedgehog.
TitanDenoting great strength and power, it suits a robust and impressive hedgehog.
PhoenixA mythical bird associated with rebirth and resilience, a cool name for a hedgehog that has overcome challenges.
JinxFor a hedgehog with a mischievous and unpredictable nature, this name captures their playful spirit.
OnyxA cool name that represents strength and a dark, mysterious allure, perfect for a hedgehog with dark coloring.
BlitzSignifying a sudden and intense burst of energy, it suits a hedgehog known for its energetic nature.
MaverickFor a hedgehog that marches to the beat of its own drum, unafraid to be different and independent.
CipherMeaning a secret code or mystery, it can represent a hedgehog with an enigmatic and mysterious aura.
RogueA name associated with rebellion and independence, it suits a hedgehog that likes to explore and go against the norm.
AxelDerived from the word “axis,” it can symbolise agility and a hedgehog’s ability to spin and manoeuvre.
OrionInspired by the mighty hunter in Greek mythology, it signifies bravery and skill.

Funny hedgehog names

Best Hedgehog Names

If you’re looking for funny hedgehog names that bring a smile to your face, here are some suggestions with playful meanings:

Quilliam ShakespeareCombining “quill” with the famous playwright William Shakespeare, it’s a clever and amusing name choice.
Sir Prickles-a-LotAdding a touch of humor and playfulness to the hedgehog’s spiky nature.
Pokes-a-LotA humorous name that emphasises the hedgehog’s quills and their tendency to poke.
SpikezillaA playful combination of “spike” and “Godzilla,” exaggerating the hedgehog’s small size with a humorous twist.
HufflepuffA whimsical name that evokes the endearing nature of hedgehogs and references the house in the Harry Potter series known for its friendly and loyal traits.
QwirkleA fun and quirky name that highlights the unique qualities of your hedgehog.
SnufflehogsA silly and amusing name that blends “snuffle” and “hogs” to capture the adorable snuffling sound hedgehogs make.
Mr. TicklesA funny name that brings to mind the image of a hedgehog with a touchy personality.
Wobble QuillA playful name that combines “wobble” with “quill,” imagining a hedgehog that wobbles as it walks or rolls into a ball.
PricklepantsA humorous and lighthearted name that reflects the hedgehog’s spiky exterior with a touch of whimsy.

Remember, funny names are subjective, and what matters most is choosing a name that brings joy and laughter to you and your hedgehog. 

Hedgehog names ideas

Certainly! Here are some hedgehog name ideas for you:


These names cover a range of styles and themes, from classic and playful to nature-inspired and trendy. 


what is a group of baby hedgehogs called?

what’s a baby hedgehog called?

A baby hedgehog is commonly referred to as a “hoglet.” “hoglet” describes a young hedgehog that has not yet reached adulthood. It’s a cute and endearing name for these tiny, adorable creatures.

what is a male hedgehog called?

A male hedgehog is called a “boar.” The term “boar” refers to adult male hedgehogs specifically. It’s important to note that regarding hedgehogs, the term “boar” is not commonly used in everyday pet or informal settings. Instead, pet hedgehogs are often referred to as “male” or by their given name.

What is a female hedgehog called?

A female hedgehog is called a “sow.” Like the term “boar” for males, “sow” is the specific term used to refer to adult female hedgehogs. However, in everyday pet or informal settings, female hedgehogs are often called “female” or by their given name.

what is the European hedgehog’s scientific name?

The European hedgehog scientific name is Erinaceus europaeus.

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