110+ Best polar bear names

Polar bears are marvelous creatures that have captured the hearts of many people worldwide. 

With their beautiful white fur and powerful sight, it’s no wonder why so many individuals have a soft spot for these animals. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of polar bear names ideas that will inspire you. 

So, let’s dive into the world of polar bear names!

some facts about polar bears

The polar bear (Ursus Maritimus) is a large carnivorous mammal found primarily in the Arctic. 

They are the largest land predator on Earth and are adapted to survive in icy environments. 

Polar bears have a thick, white fur coat that provides insulation in cold temperatures and helps them incorporate in with their surroundings.

They are excellent swimmers who can swim long distances for food. 

They can swim up to 97 kilometers (60 miles) without resting..

They mainly feed on seals and other marine mammals but eat fish, birds, and berries when they are scarce. 

Polar bears have a sharp sense of smell, which they use to find prey from far away. 

They can catch the smell of a seal from up to 20 miles (32 km) away.

In some Indigenous cultures in the Arctic, polar bears are considered powerful and spiritually significant animals.

Famous polar bear names

Names Meanings
Breezly bruin  
It is a comical polar bear from the series Breezly and Sneezly
Bundy R Bear
The firm adopted the polar bear logo in 1961 to give the impression that its rum would survive even the worst climates.
Polar Battle Bear
A toy from the third series of Takara’s Beast Formers toys.
Bark The Polar Bear
It was a yellow polar bear that originated from the video game Sonic. 
Bely Mishka
The 2014 Winter Olympics covered Bely Mishka as one of their mascots.
LarsThe character of a little polar bear  from a book that has been written by a Famous dutch Author “Hans De Beer”
SvallIt is derived from the character of the novel Guardians of Ga’hoole: The Burning, written by Kathryn Lasky.
TaqqiqIt means “Moon” in Inuktitut 
LukA famous character of a cub polar bear from the cartoon Luk and Muk in Balto.
UrsaIt means a Great Bear.
ChurchillA Canadian town where we can find the species of polar bears. Churchill led to the nickname “Polar Bear Capital of the World,”
Nanuk(meaning “polar bear” in Inuit)

Cute polar bear names

Names Meanings
AngelMessenger of God / a spiritual being
MarshmallowA soft fluffy sweet 
PolarSpecies that live near the North or south pole
GlacierA large mass of ice 
Fuzzy wuzzy It is another cute nickname for your pet animal. Polar bears are ideal companions due to their thick hair and enormous size.

Disney polar bear names 

Names Meanings
NookA short and catchy name, Nook could be an animated polar bear character in a Disney movie known for its mischievous nature.
BiancaTaking inspiration from the character Bianca from Disney’s “The Rescuers,” this name would suit a brave and adventurous polar bear.
GlacierA majestic and powerful name, Glacier could be a regal polar bear character in a Disney film, representing strength and resilience.
CrystalEvoking the image of sparkling ice and snow, Crystal would be a charming name for a graceful and elegant polar bear character in a Disney story.
KoslovThis is an animated character from the  movie “Zootopia.”
Herbert P. BearA famous villain character from the movie “Club Penguin”
Paul Paul was a well-known animated character of a snowy white cub bear from the cartoon series “Bring Back Baby”

Funny Polar Bear Names 

Names Meanings
StalkerSince polar bears are known to sneak up on sleeping pinnipeds on the ice, the name Stalker fits your pet polar bear.
Floe Sailor  A polar bear travels a long distance to prey on its food, so floe sailor is a good name for it.
SniffieA bear has a very potent sniffing power. It can sniff the seal from 20 km, so you can also name it Sniffie. 
Mr. Hairy  Hairy A bear has fur and lots of hair, so you can call your bear Mr. Hairy Hairy. 
KissyFurTo define the polar bear’s furred, fluffy appearance, this name is best for it. 
IglooA type of hut that is built with snow blocks in icy areas. 
BambooIt is a giant tree that symbolizes strength. You can Give this name to present the power of the bear.

Good polar bear names 

WinterWinter is the coldest season of the year. The polar bear lives in icy places like the south or north pole, so winter is a good name for it. 
Nukameaning “little brother” in Inuit
ArcticThe Arctic is a land near the north pole. 
StockyIt means thickest or heaviest
Kodameaning “friend” in Native American

Polar Bear Names Male

ArcticusNorthern Pole side 
GrandoMeans “Hailstorm” in Latin
WhiteoutIt means a surface that is covered with snow 
Hudson“Son of Hudds or Son of Hugh”
BarneyDescribes the bravery 
BarrettA bear’s strength
ClausA Greek work that shows the Victory
MaxIt means fighter or warrior in Russian language
BorisIt means fighter or warrior in Russian language

Stuffed polar bear names 

White SnowWhite as snow, pure, not corrupted, honest
Archibald Clarabelle“Archibald” means genuine & Clarabelle is a Latin word, which means “Bright and Beautiful”
Grace A Latin word, meaning “Favour or Blessing”
Mr. CuddlesIt is a Scottish name that shows the love 

Female polar bear names 

110+ Best polar bear names
NathalieWho born on Christmas
LunaLatin Origin, means “Moon”
UrselA cute little bear in Latin
SunflowerA flower name 
FreyaKind and Noble Lady 
NalaThis means “Queen, Successful”
MishkaAlso means a little bear in the Russian language
KiraRussian name that means “Mistress”
IsabelA French name with the meaning of ”Pledged to God”

White polar bear names

110+ Best polar bear names
BlancoSpanish French: Blanc (for masculine), Blanche (for feminine)
BiancoThis means white in Italia
WitIn Dutch, it means white
Belaya Is a name the meaning white in Russian
ÁsproThis means White in Greek
Lavanmeans white in Hebrew
FionaWhite in Scottish

Polar bear names in movies 

Baloofrom the movie “The Jungle Book” (1967) and its adaptations
Iorek Byrnisonfrom the movie “The Golden Compass” (2007)
Snowflakefrom the movie “Snowflake, the White Gorilla” (2011)
Arktosfrom the movie “Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad” (2019)
Aurorafrom the movie “Arctic Tale” (2007)
Borisfrom the movie “Balto” (1995)
Yakfrom the movie “The Polar Bear King” (1991)
Juusofrom the documentary “Bear’s Kiss” (2002)
Breaker from the movie “The Great Polar Bear Adventure.”
Norm from the movie “Norm of the North” (2016)

Cool polar bear names 

110+ Best polar bear names
KodiakName of an Island and a Bear
BlazeIt means Fire or a Flame, in Latin origin
CashHollow in Latin Origin
ColdenA Latin word, it means “Northern”
DominoMeans Lord or A Master
PhantomMeaning “Popularity” 
BorealisA latin word, it means “Northern”
ThorIt is a cool name for a bear that is inspired by a movie name” Thor”

Cartoon polar bear names

Muk – Balto It is a character of a cub bear from an animated movie named “Muk and Luk- Balto”
LeonardIt is an animated character of a polar bear from the movie “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer”
MaxieIt is a cartoon character from “Polar Fright” who was the best friend of Chilly Willy
BepoA fictional character, it is a polar bear mink that wears an orange jumpsuit

Cute Baby Polar Bear Names 

110+ Best polar bear names
KuluIt means tortoise and it is the surname of the Loiz tribe.  
BasilMeaning: Royal, Kingly from Greek origin 
UrsoloA sacrificer 


What is the scientific name for a Polar Bear?

The scientific name of a polar bear is Ursus Maritimus. The polar bear is a large mammal belonging to the Ursidae or the bear family. 

Its scientific name, Ursus, refers to the group of bears, including the brown bear, the black bear, and the Asian black bear. 

The species name, Maritimus, is derived from the Latin word for “maritime” or “of the sea,” reflecting the polar bear’s connection with sea ice and its adaptation to a marine lifestyle.

What is a famous Polar Bear?

Knut, one of the most famous polar bears, gained international attention and became a symbol of protection efforts. 

He was born at the Berlin Zoological Garden in Germany on December 5, 2006. 

His mother didn’t want him, so zookeepers grew him by hand. This incident got him a lot of media attention.

Where do the Polar Bears live?

Polar bears primarily live within the Arctic region, specifically surrounding the Arctic Ocean. 

They are found in five countries: Canada, the United States (Alaska), Russia, Greenland (Denmark), and Norway. 

In these countries, polar bears populate the Arctic coastal areas, islands, and continental shelves. 

They are highly adapted to survive in extremely cold environments and rely on sea ice for hunting seals, their main food source.

What is a Polar Bear family called?

A polar bear family is typically called a “maternal family.” It is because the polar bear’s social structure mainly circles the relationship between a mother and her cubs. 

After giving birth, a female polar bear cares for her children, and they form a close-knit family unit until the cubs become independent and separate from their mother. 

The father polar bear typically does not take part in raising the cubs and may have already left the mother after mating.

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