100+ Best Names For A Whale

Whales have long fascinated our vision with their grace, size, and mysterious allure. 

These magnificent creatures of the deep sea deserve names that signify their inspiring presence. 

Whether you’re an ocean enthusiast, a marine biologist, or seeking a unique and powerful name for your pet or project, we have selected a list of 115+ best terms for a whale.

Dive into this article to explore a world of magnificent titles that will perfectly match the magnificence of your beloved whale.

How to choose a names for a whale?

Choosing a names for a whale can be a fun and creative process. Here are some steps you can follow in coming up with a great name:

Research whale species: Learn about different types of whales, their characteristics, and their unique features. This knowledge can inspire name ideas that are connected to a particular species.

Consider the whale’s personality or appearance: Observing the whale’s behavior, physical attributes, or any specific marks can provide insights for naming. For example, if the whale is playful, choose a name that reflects its energetic nature.

Think about the meaning: Consider names that have a symbolic or meaningful connection to whales or the ocean. Look up words related to the sea, strength, grace, or any other qualities associated with whales.

Gather inspiration: Look for inspiration from literature, mythology, or other cultures. Famous whales from books, movies, or historical events can provide exciting name choices.

Please keep it simple: Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. It will make it more accessible for others to use and refer to the whale.

Baby whale names

Best names for a Whale
Aqua –Latin for “water.”
Finn Derived from Old Norse, meaning “white” or “fair.”
Marina Latin for “of the sea.”
Kiko Japanese for “hope.”
Nalu Hawaiian for “wave.”
Oceana Derived from the word “ocean.”
Kai Hawaiian for “sea.”
Jonah Hebrew for “dove” or “peaceful.”
Pearl Symbolic of purity and beauty
Azul Spanish for “blue.”
Levi Hebrew for “attached” or “joined.”
Coral Named after the marine ecosystem
Mira Latin for “ocean” or “wonderful.”
Neptune Named after the Roman god of the sea
Serena Latin for “calm” or “serene.”
Kailani Hawaiian for “sea and sky.”
Splash Representing the joyful movements in the water
OceanusDerived from Greek mythology, the personification of the ocean
Misty Reflecting the mist-like spray from a whale’s blowhole
Reef Named after the underwater coral reefs
CetusDerived from Greek mythology, a sea monster
Luna Latin for “moon.”
Sapphire Named after the precious gemstone associated with the sea
Wave Symbolizing the rhythmic movement of the ocean
TritonNamed after the son of Poseidon in Greek mythology, associated with the sea
Roxanne It is a more reflective name for whale species.

Famous whales names

Best names for a Whale

Whales are magnificent creatures that have captured the imagination of people around the world. 

While individual whales are not commonly given names like pets, there have been some famous whales that have become well-known due to their unique stories, behaviors, or interactions with humans. 

Here are 10 famous names for a whale and the reasons for their popularity:

Moby DickAlthough Moby Dick is a fictional character from Herman Melville’s novel of the same name, the white whale became an iconic symbol. The novel’s gripping tale of Captain Ahab’s obsession with hunting down this elusive creature has made Moby Dick one of the most recognizable whale names in literature.
MigalooMigaloo is a famous albino humpback whale that frequents the waters of Australia. Its unique appearance and the rarity of albino whales have made Migaloo a popular name in the whale-watching community.
LunaLuna, also known as L98 or Tsux’iit, was a young male orca who separated from his pod and sought companionship with humans in Nootka Sound, British Columbia. Luna’s friendly and sociable nature made him a popular figure among locals and visitors, but his close interactions with boats raised concerns about his safety and well-being.
J.J. and GrannyJ.J. and Granny were two of the most famous members of the Southern Resident killer whale population in the Pacific Northwest. They were named for their distinctive dorsal fins, and their longevity and importance as matriarchs within their pod made them well-known and studied individuals.
HumphreyHumphrey, a humpback whale, gained fame in 1985 when he swam up the Sacramento River in California, far off his usual migration route. The rescue efforts to guide him back to the ocean captured public attention and made Humphrey a well-known name.
SpringerSpringer, also known as A73, was an orphaned killer whale calf found in Puget Sound, Washington. The rescue and rehabilitation efforts to reunite her with her pod in Canada were widely followed, and her successful reunion made headlines worldwide.
GudrunGudrun was a famous orca at the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada. Known for her playful and energetic nature, she became a beloved ambassador for her species and helped raise awareness about the conservation needs of killer whales.
Delta and DawnDelta and Dawn were two orcas that were captured in 1967 and became the first killer whales to perform at SeaWorld in San Diego. Their popularity and the subsequent captive breeding programs at SeaWorld contributed to the rise of orca shows in marine parks.
NamuNamu was a male orca that gained fame in the 1960s as the first killer whale to be captured alive and put on public display. His capture and subsequent exhibition marked a turning point in public interest and awareness of orcas.
WillyWilly is the central character in the movie “Free Willy.” The heartwarming story of a young boy who befriends a captive orca and helps him escape to freedom made Willy an iconic name associated with the fight for animal welfare and conservation.

Famous killer whale names

Killer whales, or orcas, are brilliant and social marine mammals. 

Many individual orcas have earned fame and praise over the years, often receiving names that reflect their unique features, behaviors, or impact on the scientific community.

Here are some famous killer whale names and the reasons for their popularity:

LolitaTheir original name is Tokitae. She was born in 1966 and is a female captive orca; her stage name was Lolita.
ShamuShamu is a name used by SeaWorld for several of its performing killer whales. The name became synonymous with orca shows and SeaWorld’s entertainment brand, even though multiple individual whales have carried the title over the years.
Ulises Ulises is A male orca that belongs to Seaworld San Diego, California. It is a very energetic and motivated killer whale.
KeikoKeiko was the famous orca (killer whale) star of the movie “Free Willy”, released in 1993.
The film’s success and the subsequent efforts to rehabilitate and release Keiko into the wild made him a beloved figure and brought attention to the plight of captive marine mammals.
TahlequahShe was a killer whale born in 2018 and was grieving the death of her calf, which was obvious. This orca whale can be found in a southern residency in the northern pacific ocean. 
Granny (J2)Granny was the nickname given to J2, a female orca from the Southern Resident Killer Whale population in the Pacific Northwest. She was estimated to be over a century old, making her one of the oldest known orcas. 
Corky (A23)Corky is another well-known orca from the Southern Resident Killer Whale population. She was captured in 1969 and has spent decades in captivity, performing at SeaWorld. Like Keiko and Tilikum, Corky’s story brought attention to the ethical concerns surrounding orcas in captivity.
WinterYou can also name a killer whale “Winter”. This name is inspired by a movie called “Dolphin Tale.”
KianaMeaning “divine,” this name reflects the splendid and inspiring nature of the Orca whales
MakaiRephrased as “toward the sea” or “from the sea,” Makai signifies the close bond between killer whales and their ocean habitat.
AiyanaDerived from the Native American language, Aiyana means “eternal blossom” or “forever blooming,” pointing to the Orca’s beauty and energy.
OnyxReferring to the gemstone known for its deep black color, Onyx represents the Orca’s elegant and impressive appearance.
NaluThis Hawaiian name translates to “wave,” signifying the killer whale’s relation to the ocean’s powerful and rhythmic motions.
TempestMeaning “a violent storm,” Tempest captures Orca whales’ dynamic and energetic nature as they swim and breach.
TalaComing from the Native American language, Tala signifies “wolf” or “strong spirit,” drawing parallels between the intelligence and social structure of Orca whales and wolf packs.
AzureRepresenting the vibrant blue color of the ocean, Azure highlights the Orcas natural habitat and their affinity for the open seas.
SolaraCombining “solar” and “ara” (meaning “altar” or “shrine”), Solara reflects the reverence and respect given to Orca whales as magnificent creatures.

Beluga whale names 

Best names for a Whale
AuroraMeaning “dawn” or “light,” this name represents the beautiful white coloring of the beluga whale, reminiscent of the colors that appear during the early morning sky.
NimbusReferring to a cloud that often appears as a bright white, this name suits the beluga whale’s appearance and affinity for the Arctic regions.
BorealisInspired by the Northern Lights, this name captures the magical and ethereal nature of the beluga whale, known for its presence in Arctic waters.
AlbaDerived from the Latin word for “white,” this name perfectly describes the striking white colouration of the beluga whale.
CalypsoThis beluga whale is named after the sea nymph in Greek mythology. This name symbolizes the Beluga’s connection to the ocean and its graceful presence in the water.
CasperInspired by the friendly ghost, this name emphasizes beluga whales’ playful and friendly nature, known for their interactions with humans and other marine animals.
FinnIt is another beautiful Irish name meaning “Fair.” it is a very suitable name for a Beluga Whale.
BelindaIt is a Spanish word, and it means Beautiful. This word symbolizes the beauty of the Beluga Whale.
NamiMeaning “wave” in Japanese, this name captures the beluga whale’s association with the ocean and its natural habitat.
GlacierRepresenting the icy environment in which beluga whales thrive, this name reflects their resilience and adaptation to the frigid Arctic waters.
CelesteDerived from the Latin word for “heavenly,” this name highlights the beluga whale’s majestic and otherworldly presence.

Cute whale names 

  • Bubba 
  • Nemo 
  • Scooter 
  • Zippy 
  • Shelly 
  • Big mouth 
  • Scoot 
  • Kubby 
  • Kido 
  • Misty 
  • Sea calf 
  • Hydris 
  • Flushie 
  • Humpy

Female whale name 

Best names for a Whale
Ariel A stunning and gorgeous mermaid name from an animated movie “The Little Mermaid”
Mama whale Name of a female whale from the Disney animated ,movie “Fantasia 2000”
Attina Another cartoon character from the movie “A Little Mermaid”
The Queen A magnificent name for the largest mammal of the water world.
Doria It is a Greek word that means “of the sea”
Echo Echo is a reflected sound and it is a greek word. This name symbolizes the echo sound of the whale.
Athena Athena is the name of a famous greek goddess who is known for her warrior skills.
Lana It is a Hawaiian word which means “the calmness of the still water surface.”
Jasmine A beautiful flower, plus an animated character name from the movie ”Aladin.”
Siren It is a type of sound, plus it also presents the creature of the Greek methodology, which has a beautiful and seducing voice.
ArtemisThe name of a Greek Goddess. Who is also known as the name of hunting Goddess.
Ula Ula is the name of a Gem from the Ocean.

Good whale names 

  • Starlet 
  • Verona 
  • Style 
  • Harbor  
  • Skyle  
  • Blue Jay 
  • Shore   
  • Verna 
  • Stylus 
  • Pace 
  • Stardom  
  • Votive 
  • Tide 
  • Volley 
  • Starkly 
  • Queenside 
  • Swimmer
  • The Captain
  • Pure    
  • Powerful 
  • Kingly   
  • Courage
  • Bay  
  • Captain Jack 
  • Purdon
  • Avalon

Pet whale names 

AquariusA Latin word, Symbolizing water
NimueThis name is taken from the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend, denoting wisdom and magic.
KairosIt is of Greek origin, referring to “the opportune moment,”
MoanaMeaning “ocean” or “sea,” a fitting name for a whale that signifies the sense of the sea.
SeraphinaReferring “fiery-winged” or “burning ones,”
AukaiA Hawaiian word, Meaning “seafarer,” a name that portrays a whale’s adventurous and exploratory nature.
Thalassa (Greek origin)Referring to the personification of the sea, a name that evokes power and mystery.
KoaSymbolizing “warrior” or “brave,” a name that highlights the bravery and determination of a whale.
OrlaSignifying “golden princess,” a name that captures a pet whale’s grace and regal nature.
LuminaMeaning “brilliance” or “light,” a name suitable for a whale that illuminates the deep waters.
KaikeaRepresenting “white sea,” a name that suits a pet whale with a striking white colouration.
KallistoDerived from the word “most beautiful,” a name that befits an exceptionally stunning pet whale.

Funny whale names  

  • Blubber
  • Flipper
  • Big Guy
  • Foghorn
  • Dory
  • Killer
  • Jumpy
  • Ape
  • Cuddly
  • Giant
  • Atlantic
  • Atlantis
  • Mammoth
  • Skipper

Humpback whale names  

SolenaIt is derived from “sol”, meaning “sun” in Latin, representing the sunny disposition of the whale.
Arion A Greek mythological name meaning “eternal song,” reflecting the whale’s melodious vocalizations.
MarcellaIt is derived from “mar”, meaning “sea” in Latin, representing the whale’s affinity for the ocean.
AmarokAn Inuit name meaning “wolf” or “spirit of the wolf,” symbolizing the whale’s strength and wild nature.
AriaAn Italian name meaning “melody” or “song,” reflecting the whale’s enchanting vocalizations.
NavayaIt is derived from “nava”, meaning “new” in Sanskrit, representing the whale’s ability to bring renewal.
CalliopeIn Greek mythology, Calliope was the muse of epic poetry, linked to the whale’s awe-inspiring presence.
Sirena Spanish for “mermaid,” alluding to the whale’s graceful movements and mysterious allure.
OrinIt is derived from “Orion”, meaning “hunter” in Greek mythology, highlighting the whale’s prowess in the ocean.

Sea world whale names 

  • Katina 
  • Nalani
  • Malia 
  • Trua 
  • Makaio 
  • Manoia 
  • Taika 
  • Amani

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